• We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management Systems.
  • We are  ISO 9001: 2015  certified for quality management system provision of AI/ML-enabled solutions. 
  • During our collaboration, we guarantee that your data will remain securely under your control. We acknowledge your requirement for data confidentiality by exclusively utilizing systems located within your premises, including servers, computers, and software applications.
  • These systems are safeguarded by your firewalls, ensuring a controlled environment. Our interaction with these systems is remote, allowing us to read your data and perform necessary accounting or other processes. 
  • Your data security is of utmost importance to us, and we take all necessary measures to maintain its integrity throughout our operations. We do not download or store your data on our premises. In the rare instances where specific processes require us to temporarily retain your data, we have additional policies and practices in place to ensure data protection. 
  • We ensure secure access to your systems by utilizing  a point-to-point virtual private network (VPN) that creates an encrypted data tunnel between our networks. This ensures that your sensitive information remains protected.
  • To enhance the level of security, we utilize encrypted tools that mask and safeguard all user IDs and passwords provided by you. These tools are executable only by authorized employees and can be accessed exclusively through approved workstations within our network. This stringent control ensures that your system can only be accessed by our employees from within our network, mitigating any potential external risks.
  • To further enhance security measures, we prioritize accessing your systems and applications through Citrix or Terminal Server software whenever possible. These remote desktop solutions provide an additional layer of protection, allowing us to maintain a secure and controlled environment during our interactions with your systems.

By implementing these secure access practices, we prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of your systems and data, ensuring that your information remains safeguarded throughout our collaboration.


Key Elements

Antivirus Client

Management Agent

Our Quality Practices

Our organization has implemented various quality practices that significantly contribute to our operation and enable us to deliver high-quality results consistently. These practices include:

Identification, Measurement, and Continuous Improvement of Service Level Metrics

We demonstrate a diligent approach in identifying and measuring key metrics associated with our service levels, enabling us to enhance and optimize our performance

Utilization of Knowledge Management Systems:

We actively employ Knowledge Management Systems to facilitate sharing valuable learning and effective solutions across our teams, promoting a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration

Strong emphasis on training and retaining skilled resources:

We emphasize training our workforce and ensuring their ongoing development. Investing in our employees’ skills and knowledge creates a competent and motivated team that delivers exceptional outcomes.

Alignment of employee objectives with program objectives:

We align the objectives of our employess with the broader program objectives through well-designed incentive programs. This alignment ensures that our team members are motivated and work towards achieving common goals

A thorough analysis of errors and delays:

We conduct a detailed analysis of all errors and delays encountered, aiming to identify their root causes. We can implement targeted improvements and prevent future occurrences by understanding the underlying factors

Collaborating closely with clients:

We actually collaborate to understand their unique needs and challenges. By working closely together, we develop effective tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Leveraging technology for automation:

We harness the power of technology to automate processes, streamline operations, and maximise efficiency. By leveraging innovative tools and technologies, we optimize our workflows and deliver faster, more accurate results.

Independent quality reveiwers in every team:

We have dedicated quality reviewers assigned to each team, ensuring an independent and objective evaluation of our work. This additional layer of review guarantees that our deliverables meet the highest quality standards.

These quality practices are integral to our operations, driving our commitment to excellence and enabling us to achieve exceptional outcomes consistently.